Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp (Crystal Rock Lamp + Cord + Bulb)




Package Content: 1 x Salt Lamp (Electric Cord + Bulb Included)
Why People use Salt Lamps: Over the past years, it has been accepted that the Himalayan salt lamps have several health benefits. Its primary function is to clean and deodorize the air. This is the main reason why people use it. Salt Lamps clear the surrounding of dirt like dust and pollen.
Benefits of Salt Lamps: One key to Himalayan salt lamps is that they produce negative ions. Himalayan salt lamps can be used wherever you desire fresh, clean air to help focus your concentration or simply to help you relax in your surroundings.
Can you Put it on for Long Time: Yes probably you should. This Himalayan Salt Lamp consumes low-wattage bulb. When you come back home and tired, it’s Air will help you in smooth breathing.
Does it Help you Sleep: Yes it does ! It’s pure Air and dim-light help you in dreamy Nights. The more you leave your Himalayan Salt Lamp on, the greater air ionizing and purifying effect it will have.

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