Salt-Grinder (200g Salt) + 1 KG Refill Bag 100% Pink-Himalayan Salt




Package Content: One Salt Grinder with 200grams Salt + 1 KG Refill Bag (Free)
A Healthy Nutritional Salt: This Himalayan salt is of high quality, healthier to use and better in taste than other salts. This pink salt is 100% natural and contains all the natural minerals that are good for health. These minerals are used to relief your stress.
Benefits: Boosts immune system. Strengthens body and provide basic vital minerals. Contains mainly macro-minerals which are not produced by the body but are required in large amounts. Contains : Potassium, Magnesium & Calcium. The minerals give salt the light pink color.
Material: Stainless Steel Top + A glass Jar / Box
Cares: Dry Clean Only


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Salt Grinder + 1200g Salt


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